Angus Burrell

Angus Why (Time 0_13_03_15)

Sports Performance Manager, FTP Training.

Angus is in the final stages of completing a Bachelors Degree in Sports Science. He’s raced extensively around NSW in Open road races and local Sydney club racing as well as competed in the NRS. He has coached elite schoolboy rowing for The Scots College for 5 years and worked with individuals and small groups to foster their cycling ability. He’s been involved with FTP Training since June 2014 where he has helped to develop Training camps and support head coach Mark Fenner in his performance management of many top level cycling teams. Angus is a firm believer of the athlete as a “whole” individual and has a huge passion for this area of coaching. Through his own experiences as an athlete he has learnt the importance of balance and striving to be more than just an athlete. This is especially important when athletes reach retirement and face the challenge of the transition into normal life.